Thursday, August 2, 2012


Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 02 August 2012

Catalysts are funny things - especially historical ones. 

For close to a half-century, America has been in steady decline due to the Left's Cultural Revolution of the 60s (although Ronald Reagan temporarily slowed it down, even he couldn't reverse it).  Who would have ever guessed that its demise and America's revival would be sparked by a chicken sandwich?

For decades, year after unrelenting year, drip by never-stopping drip, the Hate-America Marxists of the Scumbag Left infesting our schools, media, and cultural institutions perpetrated one outrage after another to damage America's founding values and wound America's soul.

And for all that time, no matter how much we yelled and complained, the end result has been the same: we let them get away with it.  We remained frogs in the water, as the Left slowly and steadily increased the heat.  You'd have thought that Zero's cranking up the flame under the pot we're in would have caused an en masse bolting out of it.

But no.  For 3½ years now, no matter how much Zero turned up the heat, Americans stayed in the pot for fear of being condemned as racists if they bolted.  Large numbers made an attempt in the 2010 elections, but didn't succeed in escaping.  Then finally it happened, the over-the-top act of total hubris that precipitates a fall from power. 

By attacking with hysterical viciousness a decent moral man over his views that up until recently any sane person would have considered as obvious as the sky is blue, the Scumbag Left exposed itself as irretrievably fascist and inhuman.  A chicken sandwich caused people to realize the Left hates what makes us human.  Actually, what made us human, what enabled us to become human in the evolutionary first place.

This realization is not consciously articulated - it is limbic, so ancient it lies at our emotional core, which is why there was an astounding amount of support for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day yesterday (8/01) across the entire country.  Marriage - or "pair-bonding" between a man and a woman as the paleontologists call it - and the resultant nuclear family unit created our species.

Just about everyone this side of lefty loonies understands this in their bones, way deep in our psyches.  To understand it clearly, you need to absorb Marriage and the Missing Link (TTP, May 2009).  I'd even suggest your taking a break and looking at it now, then we'll resume our discussion...

...OK, so now you get that yesterday at a thousand or more Chick-fil-A's was the start of something fundamental, a catalyst for the pent-up revulsion so many millions feel towards the Scumbag Left.  We are seeing something emerge that's more than the putative issues driving this election - the economy and jobs, as important as those are.  We are seeing the emergence of a Cultural Revolution of the Right.

Thus this election of 2012 may be more transformational than we thought.  Last June, we discussed Will Romney Be Our FDR?  In 1932, FDR effected a basic transformation in the relationship between Americans and their government.  Today, 80 years later, that transformation has run its course, it's broke, obsolete, can't solve any of today's problems (indeed, it's become the cause of our political problems), and is dying.

Thus Romney has the opportunity to effect a political transformation similar to FDR's in form and opposite in direction - the direction towards the freedom to prosper and Constitutional government.

Yet that is a political and economic transformation, which though hugely important, doesn't ring folks' limbic bells.  Their culture does, wherein lies their basic values, what gives their lives meaning and a sense of identity.  Which is why the Left's assault on America starting in the 60s was called the Cultural Revolution, as it was not primarily about political or economic power but cultural power, gaining control of America's cultural institutions.

And it succeeded.  The Left has held monopoly power over almost all of America's central cultural bastions for at least 40 years now - movies, plays, music, art, museums, literature, literary magazines, all of academia from K-12 through college, television, and of course, the propaganda organ of the Left, the BM (Big Media).

It's time to bust this monopoly.  The New Media, from talk radio to conservative websites (like To The Point!) to social networking, has led the way.  We are now on the cusp of turning November 2012 into a transformational election politically, economically, and culturally.

Romney, I am becoming more and more convinced, is going to win in a landslide.  The latest indication is Ted Cruz's blowout Tea Party win in Texas on Tuesday (7/31).  Zero will be lucky to carry a dozen states.  His loss will be a mortal blow to the Left's cultural dominance. 

It will take a long time to complete a conservative "march through the institutions," but in November 2012 it will begin.  In truth, it began yesterday with a million folks eating a chicken sandwich. 

Ted Cruz understands this.  In his victory speech Tuesday night, he talked of a "great awakening".  Ted knows his history and chooses his words on purpose.  America's first cultural revolution was called The Great Awakening, a spiritual resurgence during the 1730s and 40s that enabled the American Revolution.

What we are going to witness on Wednesday, November 7th, is an explosion of optimism - not just in the markets (although not all:  gold will plunge), but in the future of our country.  Yes, there most likely will be an explosion of violence by the moochers, but that will be short-lived.  And it may take a while for the under-30 set to overcome their dark pessimism about their future - especially for those who have a Masters Degree in Puppetry.

All the moochers and puppeteers, however, will be swamped by the vast numbers of regular Americans excited about having their country back, and eager to rebuild it and their future.  None of them will pay the slightest attention to the moanings and phony moralisms of the BM - except to dismiss them with Rick Gorka's immortal three words.

Folks, it's going to be exciting to be an American again.  We all love being American, but face it, it's been an extreme bummer with the current schmuck in the Oval Office.  More, we're going to reclaim our culture.  We're going to make more money and have more freedom - but even cooler, we are going to be cultural revolutionaries.  Revolutionaries for decency, integrity, responsibility, earned achievement, and every other bourgeois moral value that normal people aspire to and the Left hates.

It's our turn.  History is coming our way.  Get ready and be prepared for your role in the Cultural Revolution of the Right.

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