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Written by Dagny D'Anconia   
Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Even CBS News is now calling it Foreign-Donor-Gate . As Obama's coffers approach the 1 billion dollar mark, the Government Accountability Institute released a report that finally alarmed the mainstream media.

Hundreds of millions donated to the Obama campaign may be illegal - but Obama's people are shrugging their shoulders, laughing all the way to the bank.  They consider the foreign donor funds to be untraceable and unknowable.

However, what if we knew how to make these suspicious transactions traceable?   Imagine the power of knowing the country, the bank and the details of how the numbers were generated.  The stakes could not be higher.

Back in 2008, two-thirds of Obama's fundraising haul during the final phases of his campaign were
untraceable .  This election cycle it is much worse:  70% of the donations through are from foreign sources , and only 2% have records kept on them.  The vast majority are less than $50 and, as such, no records are required by law to be kept.

Not only is Obama's campaign failing to use the 3 digit security code for donations, the Obama donation website, , has also been set up to allow the internet address of the donator to be spoofed :
    "An anonymous tipster mentioned that checking out the source code of the Obama donation website... would reveal some interesting logic. Specifically that IP addresses of the donors can be easily spoofed through a hidden field in the form. The tipster's guess was that the Obama campaign is recording the spoofable IP address... not the real IP address as delivered by the web server.
    Put simply, there's no reason to include a hidden form field for IP address. It is there for one reason alone: IP forgery -- forging the computer addresses of donations to disguise their true sources."

Furthermore, is owned not by the Obama campaign but by Robert Roche , a resident of Shanghai China.  Roche has visited the Obama White House 11 times in the last 4 years and boasts of his special favors from and connections to the Chinese government.

Donations this time around are largely under the $50 limit, evading the requirement to save the data on their origin. The sheer quantity of these low-value donations, from untraceable sources, strongly suggests an operation to accumulate campaign cash from illicit sources.

Given the false IP addresses, and the use of the lower limit, how can we trace these millions?

Fortunately, I have access to a patriotic gentleman who for the last decade has been running credit card companies.  He knows this field inside and out.  According to him:
"Prepaid cards in many countries are as easy to get as cash but that is not what Obama is experiencing.  What they did in my opinion with the raising of $200 million in September 2008 from debit cards was find a friendly offshore bank to issue a prebuilt file of prepaid credit cards to fake names in random amounts under the $200 reporting limit.  No actual cards ever existed just computer files that were merged into a Point of Sale software program and presented for acquisition of the money. 

There are plenty of sources out there where $200 million is chicken feed like China, Soros, Russia etc.  The trick is a ‘paper trail' of where the funds originated.  If the allegation is that somehow a million people went out and purchased a million prepaid debit cards and then got on the Obama online system and poured these through to the Obama Campaign coffers - that is pure bull feathers.

The key is, the bank or banks that are cooperating in this fraud can easily be traced by the transaction data.  Just a piece of data that shows how much time, seconds or milliseconds spacing you have between the entry of those transactions will tell you if these are legitimate transactions or the product of having run a prebuilt file with many thousands of cards imbedded.  Every transaction inbound and outbound is time stamped.  There is an authorization number associated with that as well.

There is no doubt in my mind Obama did this in the 2008 election.  I don't think it should be hard to make a circumstantial case that Obama's support in 2008 was not from his supposed constituents in the USA and in fact it was single donors with massive donations outside the United States electronically generated into files of supposed debit cards.  They are probably sequential or as close as debit cards get.  If you can get any of the full 16 digit numbers we have people who can tell you what country, what bank and what BIN was used to transact the fraud."

Thus, if any law enforcement or other security or watchdog entity can get those numbers, we can see where it came from.  China?  Russia?  The Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico?  We can even identify the bank that performed the fraud.  Imagine the impact this would have on the election if people knew that most of his money was coming from such sources!

The 16 digit transaction ID on each transaction can show us where it came from, and using the transaction time stamps, we can determine whether donations were made by real people or an automated system.

In 2008, people were concerned about Obama's use of these methods to skirt donation limit laws.  However, after 4 years of watching Obama, we can now see that skirting donation laws was probably the least harmful aspect of his donation fraud.   When we look at the way America has been systematically been weakened militarily, economically, and our allies betrayed, we have to consider this credit card fraud in context.

This is a strategy to overwhelm the system to ensure donation laws can not be reasonably enforced. It is a tactic prescribed by Saul Alinsky. Like the Occupy movement or massive voter fraud by ACORN, the goal is to create a tidal wave effect crippling the ability and willingness of authorities to handle criminal misbehavior.

We have the crime against America and the culprit.  We know the motive: to "fundamentally transform" the United States, destroying the American system and replacing it with something else. Destruction of the American System is a goal echoed by Socialist groups across the nation for decades.

We are only missing the money trail behind the donation fraud that put Obama into power to achieve that clearly stated goal.  Any foreign or domestic enemy could be behind it - or it could be a collaborative effort.  Consider the following cast of suspects:

*The Sinaloa drug cartel has received favors from the Obama administration, specifically in the form of the Fast and Furious gunwalker scandal, as well as sabotage of border enforcement.

*Many banks have been surviving at the mercy and whim of the Obama administration.  Stimulus money, special interest rates, leaked economic intentions, and the threat of prosecution for perceived crimes or racism all compromise the banks, both here and overseas.  There are also the foreign banks who received American Taxpayer funded bailouts during the first round of stimulus spending.  They too have the means and motive to supply "untraceable" donations.

Do you think any bank would complain to the government if there were any problems with deposits to the Obama account?  Furthermore, who is going to prosecute the crooks if Obama wins the next election?  There is no incentive for a bank to blow the whistle on money coming in from fraudulent sources when the business can come under attack by the heavy hand of a vengeful Administration.

*SEIU employees of restaurants etc. have access to credit card numbers.  These could be used by their union. Similarly, organizations like ACORN's subsidiary "Project Vote" have been intimately associated with the Obama machine and could be involved with supplying credit card and debit card files .
*Islamists and their affiliated terrorist organizations can donate through this unsecured system.  This could help explain the Obama administration's war on the Catholic Church and Christianity in general.  It may also explain his support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the numerous prominently placed Obama Administration officials with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

*Wealthy Middle Eastern backers could easily donate to Obama.  Could this help explain Obama's insane war on domestic energy sources, including the vetoing of the Keystone Pipeline?  Does this also explain Obama's bowing to Middle Eastern potentates and groveling speeches of apology in the Middle East?

*Adversary nations, such as Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China all have the incentive to keep Obama in charge.  Not only has Obama weakened the American economy, he has also damaged our military in countless ways including its openly gay policy, cutting funding, putting American soldiers in unwinnable situations, and withdrawing from secured territory.  These adversary nations have clear incentives and could easily arrange for donations to Obama.  Any military adversary would want Obama in charge.

Adversary nations also harbor the criminal hackers who are part of a very mature and multi-billion dollar industry that reaches around the world.  Chinese hackers?  Russian mafia or FSB?   Rouge nation military such as Iran or North Korea?  All the above would gladly take part in a chance to help Obama get elected and reelected. 

There is an active market in stolen credit card numbers, many without the 3 digit security code, the address, or the name of the owner.  They too could be put to use through a donation to Obama.

See how this makes more sense in context of the Obama credit card fraud?  He needed them to get elected and now he needs them to get re-elected.

Our patriotic expert in credit card systems adds:
"No question about it being fraud in my opinion with Roche and a bank in China involved.  The whole scheme could take place in one room and never involve a real card.  A stolen card used to make a donation would never be repaid because of the jurisdiction.  The cardholder or the American Bank would simply lose that money.

If they are allowed to accept credit or debit cards, the acquiring account should be here in the United States only so we have control over the process and are able to investigate any suspected wrongdoing.  Outside the United States and especially in China investigation would be impossible.  The Chinese are buying themselves a President but then they probably already own what shares are not taken by the Moslem Brotherhood."

Will we demand the data that can show where the money came from?  Or will we go on allowing our country to be purchased at the ballot box once again?  We know where that road leads.


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