Sunday, November 4, 2012

How Could ANYBODY Still Be Undecided??

  • Unprecedented deficit spending…a trillion dollars every year of his presidency
  • $6 Trillion added to the national debt, a 60% increase in only 4 years
  • Over 23 million people out of work, stopped looking for work, or underemployed
  • An unemployment rate the same that it was when he entered office; a number that doesn’t even include those who are underemployed or who have stopped looking
  • Pathetical economic growth
  • A record 47 million people on food stamps, an increase of SIXTEEN MILLION in just four years
  • Gasoline prices DOUBLE what they were four years ago
  • Food prices skyrocketing
  • A Federal Reserve that just keeps printing money, dramatically reducing the value of the dollar
  • A historic first downgrading of America’s credit rating
  • 15 million people living in poverty
  • Race relations have been set back 40 years
  • Healthcare costs are spiraling higher thanks to ObamaCare
  • Businesses are reluctant to invest in growth due to massive new regulations and the threat of dramatically increased taxes
  • Consumers who are afraid to spend money out of fear of losing their job, the threat of increased taxes, the reality of increased healthcare costs due to ObamaCare, and a myriad of other fears
  • His EPA is an out-of-control train wreck that is systematically shutting down the coal industry, reducing oil exploration and attempting to shut down natural gas exploration
  • An Attorney General who arrogantly thumbs his nose at the Rule of Law
  • A foreign policy in total collapse based mostly on the childish notion that if he apologizes to the rest of the world for “America’s arrogance”, the rest of the world will love us

How could ANYBODY still be undecided??

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