Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Global Warming Hoax

Why so many people believe in the Global Warming Hoax… 

1.       Liberal activists, also known as Marxists, see it as the silver bullet that could take down capitalism.

2.       Politicians of all stripes see it as a convenient excuse to raise taxes.

3.       Governments also see it as the mother of all taxes, giving them the ability to tax literally everything and everyone since everything and everyone needs fossil fuels.

4.       Third world countries see it as a massive, worldwide, wealth redistribution scheme. Think of it as “reparations” paid by developed countries for the “harm” they’ve done to third world countries.

5.       University professors and scientists see it as a reliable source of “research” grants from government and left-leaning groups, just so long as they perpetuate and validate the global warming lie.

6.       The anti-fossil fuel crowd uses it as an excuse to promote “new energy” sources.

7.       Large, corporate rent seekers such as GE and many other major corporations make billions selling windmills, solar panels, electric automobiles and other “new energy” contraptions.

8.       The liberal media see it as “good copy” and a spectacular way to further the liberal agenda.

9.       And then there are the millions of “useful idiots”; those bleeding heart and brainless liberal sheep who follow their fraudulent leaders over the cliff to Utopia. They are everywhere and there is no changing their minds as they have been brainwashed into believing the religion of progressivism. 

Unfortunately for them – and for us – it’s all predicated on a lie.

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