Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Never-Ending Battle

This battle has ensued since the beginning of time and the battle is essentially between those in government who want more social programs and those who want more military spending.

The two opposing parties battle for the people’s money without permission from the people. The result has always been the same: the devaluation of the currency.

In the early days, the government reduced the amount of gold and silver in the coinage until it was made of valueless metals. Today, it is done by creating currency with a simple keystroke. In either case, nothing has changed because Man has not changed.  

It’s all about power for a handful of so-called leaders: those on the Left calling for more social program spending (i.e. something for nothing), and those on the Right calling for more military spending (i.e. war). And we in the Middle Class get the bill in the form of increased taxes.
There never seems to be a consensus for LESS spending, only for more spending on one or the other: social programs or the military. What results is steady growth in both areas until a country collapses. It has happened throughout history and is about to happen in America.

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