Friday, March 30, 2012

Where the Hell are the Republicans??

Barack Obama is giving away oil rich Alaskan islands to the Russians

By Suzanne Eovaldi
The Obama Administration is looking to give Russia seven oil rich Alaskan Islands that were discovered and claimed for America by American explorers according to Alaska Republican 2010 Senatorial candidate Joe Miller.  “I think the bigger concern here is what natural resources are being lost to Russia,” says one commenter who deplores the secrecy involved with Obama and his SOS Hilary Clinton  gifting Putin with United States land.

Miller blew the whistle on this island give away of billions of off shore oil deposits and rich sea beds in an interview with World Net Daily that literately has cyberspace dripping in anger at this present administration.  But when I called the office of GOP AK long time Senator Lisa Murkowski, her aides told me it’s George Bush the father’s fault, and Obama’s people are just cleaning up long standing agreements.  I was given this direct email address which came back failed three times: when I tried to get them to go on the record.  

Miller and blog researchers state that “the purported Agreement for the island give away WAS NOT and IS NOT a ratified treaty according to public record. . .and this Agreement was negotiated COMPLETELY IN SECRET!”    

Famed naturalist John Muir was a member of the U.S. landing party of the U.S. Revenue Marine Ship fleet Thomas Corwin along with other American explorers who were awarded Gold Medals by Congress for theirvaliant discoveries and exploration of the following Islands which already have been given Russian names: Bennett Island, now Ostrov Bennetta; Wrangel Island, now Ostrov Vrangelya; Hennrietta Island, now Ostrov Genriyetty.  

   In fact, bloggers and commenters literally are crying over this gifting to Russia. “It breaks my heart. I feel so helpless. This Alaskan Island thing has really infuriated me,” one says.  Another points out that “Russians will get tens of thousands of oil rich sea beds around them.” So as Americans are looking at gas prices going higher than $5.00 a gallon, we see an administration literally giving away oil that belongs to our country! 

 ”The veto of Keystone Pipeline was to allow [Warren] Buffett’s Burlington Northern Railroad to make profit,” says another poster.  And China is in position to drill 70 miles off of Florida’s shores, but Floridians can’t.  Long term Democrat Senator Bill Nelson up for re- election yet again, fears our beaches could be damaged, so he’s keeping his voting base happy.  With our own President and members of Congress either handing over America to other countries or just looking the other way as is happening, how can we survive? Saying it’s George Bush the father’s fault is disgusting.  I asked Senator Murkowski’s aide, “Who in Congress is looking out for America? Who is taking care of us?”  

I’m still waiting for their answers. You can call Congress toll free at 1-877-762-8762.

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