Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Sheer Size of Government Must be Reduced

By Martin A. Armstrong, Feb. 2013

Marxism has led to massive growth of Government and thus most countries now employ between 40-50% of the civil work force reducing economic growth. Between 1900 and 1980, government grew by 50%. There has been no restraint whatsoever for government believes they can raise taxes as they desire and people must simply pay. They fail to grasp the idea that they are “public servants” and reduce economic growth – they do not contribute to the wealth of a nation. This is the huge adjustment that we now face. The collapse in government is inevitable, but it is creating internal tension between those who work FOR government and those who are burdened as economic slaves to earn income to pay for this huge herd of unproductive workers.
Economic Security as envisioned internationally must also be reviewed in light of Marxism that has changed the dynamics our entire economy. The sheer size of government MUST be reduced drastically to prevent civil unrest through unfair exploitation of the people, NOT by the “rich” but by government itself.

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