Monday, August 26, 2013


Oh, wait…make that GLOBAL COOLING!! 

P.S. If you’re uninformed, keep your mouth shut. Especially you politicians and your ignorant, ill-informed media compatriots.


  1. First, it's called Global warming.
    Second, you're cherry picking more than a bit; to wit:

    Record temperatures, US only:
    Daily Highs Daily Lows
    Since 1/1/10 87,545 34,473
    Since 1/1/13 6,967 9,132

    Monthly Highs Monthly Lows
    Since 1/1/10 4,619 1,205
    Since 1/1/13 236 375

    All-Time Highs All-Time Lows
    Since 1/1/10 697 74
    Since 1/1/13 31 9

    Daily High Mins Daily Low Maxes
    Since 1/1/10 100,591 49,153
    Since 1/1/13 10,551 10,554

  2. We have had about 340 consecutive months of higher average temperatures, compared to the averages of the 20th Ce. That's like flipping heads 340 times in a row, or 1 divided by the number of stars in the universe. So, if a kid has has had a fever of 104 and for a few days it drops to 103, don't break out the champagne quite yet.