Monday, August 26, 2013

ObamaCare Hammers the Working Class

We need MANY of these such situations affecting the rank and file workers across America; the idiots who voted for Obama.  ObamaCare needs to cause serious financial pain to millions of these worker/voters in order for them to finally see this asshole president for who he is and what he wants to do to our country.  I’ve never seen such arrogance in the face of such pathetic performance. It’s like watching a mediocre basketball strutting around the court after going 0 for 22 in the most important game of his career.  He is a truly sick man, and one filled with hatred for America. 

But the bigger issue is that America has spent itself into inevitable bankruptcy. There’s not a thing we can do about it. The only remaining question is whether the disgustingly self-serving politicians who put us in this position will protect the banks at the expense of the people or protect the people at the expense of the banks when we finally announce that we can’t pay our bills. It will actually be entertaining to watch…

Obamacare Is Coming: Forever 21 Slashes Workers' Hours

August 19, 2013 at 3:53 pm

Debbie Noda/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom

Debbie Noda/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom

The clothing chain Forever 21 is the latest company cutting full-time workers’ hours.

A leaked memo shared last week on social media with the hashtag #Never21 proves the company capped some full-time workers at 29.5 hours a week as of August 18, resulting in a loss of the health coverage and other benefits offered to full-time workers.

Conservatives have warned that the provision under Obamacare defining a full-time worker as one who works 30 hours a week or more incentivizes businesses to drastically cut workers’ hours to avoid the heavy financial burden of mandatory insurance requirements under the bill.

Forever 21 joins several fast food chains that have cut workers’ hours to less than 30 in the past few months, ahead of the provision taking effect.

Many companies deny that the decision is motivated by the new requirements, in part because of backlash from customers who blame corporate greed rather than crippling government regulations. Over the weekend, Forever 21 fielded customer complaints posted on its official Facebook page by emphasizing that it is struggling to balance business needs with concern for employees.

“Forever 21, like all retailers, staffs its stores based on projected store sales, completely independent of the Affordable Care Act,” the company posted. “After a recent evaluation, Forever 21 realigned its staffing needs to better reflect sales expectations. This realignment impacted less than 1 percent of all U.S. store employees.”

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