Sunday, October 6, 2013

Who's Radical?

The Left likes to characterize the Tea Party as “Right Wing Radicals”. So, I have a question... 

What’s so radical about trying to save our country by… 

·         Reducing the massive size and scope of government so businesses and individuals can live their lives in more freedom?

·         Stopping the profligate printing of dollars to the tune of $85B a month so we don’t experience the hyperinflation of our currency or go into default?

·         Reducing taxes so families will have more of their own money to spend?

·         Reducing  the dramatic growth in government regulations so businesses can be free to invest and grow?

·         Stopping the ill-conceived and unconstitutional (no matter what Chief Justice Roberts says) Obamacare before it dramatically increases the cost of healthcare for virtually all Americans and does severe damage to the US economy? 

So, who’s radical? The Tea Party, who wants to save America from the above, or the radical Left who wants to continue down the path toward our own destruction?

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