Monday, June 1, 2009

Obama Enemy's List?

Did An Obama Enemy's List Play A Role In Decision To Close Chrysler Dealerships?

Indiana Chrysler dealers who recently got word that the bankrupt auto dealer had decided to close their dealerships should be pondering whether their past political donations to Republicans played a role in their fate.

Blogger Doug Ross' analysis of the list of closed dealerships indicates that dealers who have contributed a lot of money to Republican candidates in the past didn't fare so well. Ross' initial post is supported by anecdotes published on other blogs.

Indianapolis' Kevin and Gene Beltz are listed as contributing $18,500 to Republican candidates according to Ross. Gene Beltz Shadeland Dodge, owned by the Beltz family, is on the closure list. Michael Leep's South Bend dealership is being closed. He has contributed $19,500 to Republican candidates, along with a few thousand dollars to Evan Bayh and other Democrats, according to Ross.

The reaction of some of the dealers on the closure list nationally suggests that there were factors other than the dealership's financial track record at play. Even very profitable dealers were axed. The administration of Barack Obama is exercising unprecedented power over the auto industry in the wake of Chrysler's and GM's financial meltdowns.

Obama is dictating the terms of Chrysler's bankruptcy to the disappointment of many creditors and other interested parties.

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