Thursday, June 11, 2009

The REAL Barack Obama

This is a real email from the wife of a U.S. soldier currently serving our country in The Sinai...

Subject: Please read this....very personal to me.

I am sending this to everyone in my contact list.

It is very important to me that as many people as possible know what happened when my husband (who everyone knows is deployed in The Sinai) went to Cairo to meet Obama.

He paid money to take a 2nd trip to Cairo because the president was doing a photo opp and meeting some military at the pyramids before or after the big meeting. After hours of Brandon standing around in the summer heat outside of the pyramids, the president landed in his helicopter, did some sightseeing and then came over about 20 feet from 30 soldiers waiting to shake his hand.

This is what they got.......

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After totally ignoring them, Obama was told that part of the Ohio National Guard who are currently deployed to the Sinai were there...He looked over and nodded his head....

THAT IS IT!!! Not a thank you. Not a smile. Not a hand shake. NOTHING>>>>

I am so angry that even as I write this email I am shaking.. HOW DARE HE!!!! Who does he think he is. My husband is away from his 2 little girls for 13 months. He is coming home to no job. AND THIS IS THE THANKS HE GETS FROM THE LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY???????

Obama is absolutely disgusting.

He is out there APOLOGIZING to these people who would wipe us off the face of the earth if they could. HE MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!

I don't want to offend those of you who like Obama, but I hope you can understand why this whole thing would be so upsetting to a military wife. This isn't one of those forwarded emails that you can say, "Oh, that's just something someone is sending to make the president look bad." THIS HAPPENED TO MY HUSBAND..

I love this county more than I could ever put into words. Many men in my family have fought for and served in the military. Even though I cry when I see what has become of America sometimes, there is still no other country in the world where I would want to live.

Would ANY of you say that you would want to live anywhere else??? Think about it. The reason we are different than anywhere else is because of the men and women who have done and are doing exactly what my husband is doing right now. How could Obama do that to him??? It makes me cry when I think of how disrespected Brandon must have felt.

Kelly Chaffee


  1. Obama is a disgusting example of humanity and should never have the job is in, let alone have the honor of meeting any of troops. They are such better people than he. A word to Kelly, your letter doesn't do any good on the internet, it needs to be sent special delivery to Obama Hussiens desk.

  2. If we demand the president shake the hand of every soldier, we're going to need more presidents or less soldiers. I'm shocked at the sense of entitlement displayed by this soldier and his wife. Sometimes elected officials have more important things to do than shake hands.