Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Democrats Are Fracked

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 21 June 2012

It's not just that the Dems are going to lose the White House in November.  Control of the Oval Office regularly flips back and forth between them and the Pubs over the years.

It's not just that the Dems are going to lose
big ("rrreally big, rrreally big" as Ed Sullivan would say) in November.  Zero will be lucky to carry 10 states in a Romney Landslide, while the Pubs will take the Senate and gain seats in the House.  Yet the Reagan Landslides of 1980/1984 were far greater than anything Romney can hope for - and the Dems were back in the White House saddle four years after the Gipper.

No, what is going on is much - as in
much - bigger than mere electoral loss.  What the Dems are going to lose in November is about as big as it gets.  They are going to lose their raison d'être - their "reason to be," the basic justification for their existence.

This is why they are panicking, why most everything they do now is doltish, for panic makes you stupid.
  This is why Zero is making moves of ever-increasing desperation - Amnesty EO's, Executive Privilege merely to protect his corrupt AG.  This is why the Moonbat Media is in a state of foaming hysteria.  For all of them, their fear and fury is existential.

Democrats of whatever stripe, from the 76 hard-core commies of the "
Progressive Caucus" to squishy "moderates," are almost all Marxists at heart.  Their most oft-cited mantra is a demand for "fairness," which is Marxist code for "nobody can get wealthy except by ripping people off, so we get to take their wealth by force and give it to people who will vote for us when we do."

It's the old exploitation claim as a rationale for theft and power.
  Wealth is never created, it is always "exploited" by the selfish and unscrupulous who take more than their "fair share" from honest hard-working laborers. 

Marxism has always been a hard sell in an America populated by folks determined to create the American Dream of prosperity for themselves and their families.
  It was made even more so by the collapse of its principal global propagandist, the Soviet Union.  Very few self-admitted full-bore Marxists are to be found these days besides university professors of sociology and gender studies.

So the Dems were forced into pleas for political pablum like "fairness" as the rationale for what they really wanted:
power.  Power for the sheer sake of it, power as a means to accumulate wealth through graft.  The Democrat will to power is what makes them Fascists in addition to Marxists.

The plea for "fairness" only gets so far, however.
  You can only con or threaten those who are "unfair" so long until they find ways to stop being extorted.  You have to race to make so many people dependent upon your extorted largesse that they'll vote to keep you in power no matter the extortionees do.

To win this race, you have to come up with a replacement rationale as Marxism has become obsolete.
  A rationale that would give you such control over the economy that you can direct it to favor scam artists who'll give you massive kickbacks (called campaign donations), screw anyone you disfavor, and make ever more people dependent on government programs (like turning corn farmers into ethanol subsidy beggars).

The entire Democrat-Media-Academia Complex thought they came up with the perfect replacement rationale of Marxism in Global Warming.
  In fact, Warmism was much better than Marxism.  You didn't have to indulge in unintelligible gobbledygook like "dialectical materialism" or "the negation of the negation."  You didn't have to base the very foundation of your rationale on grade school absurdities as the Labor Theory of Value, which anyone trying to sell yesterday's newspaper discovers doesn't work.

All you had to do is bribe scientists with billions in grant money to say the earth is warming so much that we're all going to die, and it's all our fault for living a modern lifestyle.
  Then you get to control every aspect of our lives.  Simple.

The key to that control is to control
energy - the energy we use to drive our cars, heat and cool our homes and offices, the energy civilization needs to function.  If you can control that, you can control just about everything.  With Warmism, the Dems had it made in the sweltering shade.

Except for this one tiny little problem.
  The shade wasn't sweltering.  People all over the planet were freezing their tushes off in the winter.  And not frying their brains out all summer.  The Great Enemy of all forms of true-believer fanaticism began to creep into folks' brains:  Doubt.

With doubt, people start to think instead of blindly believe - so they noticed that all the apocalyptic predictions of Warmism weren't happening.
  Soon, all that was sustaining Warmism was the con of Peak Oil, that we were running out of unrenewable "fossil fuels," with our only hope being "renewable energy" supplied by government-subsidized solar farms, wind farms, hybrid cars, and ethanol.

And then came fracking.

The revolutionary technology of hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and gas from shale deposits is wiping the floor with Warmism.
  One example would be British scientist James Lovelock, revered by enviros for his "Gaia" theory of the Earth as a single self-regulating organism, and predicting in 2006 that "billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable" within the next few decades due to man-made global warming.

A few days ago,
Lovelock came out big time for fracking:  "Gas is almost a give-away in the US at the moment. They've gone for fracking in a big way... Let's be pragmatic and sensible and get Britain to switch everything to methane. We should be going mad on it."

Oh, and Lovelock now admits his "mistake" on Warmism, and laughs at it instead. Living in a cottage on the beach in Dorsett, he says, "I'm not worried about sea-level rises. At worst, I think it will be 2ft a century."

When Gurus of Warmism recant and say it's a crock, you know Warmism is headed for the same ash heap of history Marxism is lying on.  That would be the same ash heap the Democrats are headed for.

Let's go to Pennsylvania to see why.  Zero can't win without it.
  Here is a mesmerizing county analysis of the "undervote" of Dem voters in PA's presidential primary (the percentage of voters who chose "No Candidate" instead of Zero), compared with maps of the Marcellus Shale and active drill sites.  Romney is going to win Pennsylvania in a walk.

Next we go to San Antonio, headquarters of Valero Energy, whose 16 refineries produce 3 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel a year, sold through 6,800 gas stations.  ("Valero" comes from a Franciscan church built in 1724, the Mission of San Antonio de Valero - St. Anthony the Valiant.
  Today, it is known as The Alamo.)

Last Friday (6/15), Valero announced it will
stop importing crude oil to its Gulf Coast refineries.  Thanks to fracking, so much US domestic production is coming from "the Eagle Ford of Texas, the Bakken of North Dakota, and many other areas," that there's no more need for imported oil.

The company noted the continuing drop in imported oil throughout the US.  In total, the US imported 952,000 barrels of light, sweet crude a day during 2011, while for 2012, it has dropped drastically to 763,000 barrels per day.
  Valero CEO Bill Klesse says he expects this trend to strongly continue.

This means far more than "energy independence" with all the significance to our national security.  It means a continually flowing gusher of money and jobs injected into the economy by abundant and cheap energy - the Dems' nightmare.

Not only do they lose their last best hope for a rationale to power, increasing widespread prosperity resulting from abundant and cheap energy coupled with Romney Republicans dismantling government rules and regs stifling the economy means less government dependence for millions of voters.

People in Pennsylvania are figuring it out.  They'll be followed by vast numbers of voters in other states.
  Zero is an Epic Fail as a president, the Dems are an Epic Fail as a party.  After November, the Dems will be a regional party, no longer national, confined to such retrograde states as California, New York, and Rhode Island.  They may well be the Whigs of the 21st century.

The combination of Zero, Warmism as a crock, and fracking is a fatal witch's brew for Dems.  In a word, the Democrat Party is fracked.

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