Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Problem with the Supreme Court Decision

Here’s my two cents…

  1. The Obama administration sold ObamaCare to the American people as a penalty because selling it as a tax would have doomed it.
  2. When they arrived before the Supreme Court, the Obama administration switched strategies and sold ObamaCare to them as a tax because they knew that a penalty would almost certainly be a violation of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.
  3. This was a pre-meditated strategy by the Obama Administration and the Democrat Congress. In other words, they lied to the American people to get ObamaCare passed.
  4. Chief Justice Roberts agreed with the Obama administration’s bait and switch strategy, even rewriting the legislation’s language for them so that it read as a tax and not as a penalty as it was originally submitted to the court. That is judicial activism at its worst from the highest court in the land and from the highest judge in the land.
  5. America now has a legal precedent, affirmed by the Supreme Court, which states that the Federal Government may tax you for not doing something – actually anything – which has given Congress unlimited power to regulate any and all aspects of your life. All they have to do is pass the legislation and make non-compliance a taxable event.
  6. All of the above comes to you compliments of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court...a man nominated by so-called conservative Republican George W. Bush.  

Ron Garland 

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