Friday, April 13, 2012

Dr. Jack Wheeler Unleashed...and at his Best!

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 13 April 2012

As I unquestionably make the best piña colada in the known universe, I am compelled to start the HFR with the thrilling medical news released Wednesday (4/11) that Drinking Alcohol May Significantly Enhance Problem Solving Skills

Researchers at the University of Illinois demonstrated that two pints of beer or two glasses of wine enable guys to think more creatively and solve brain teasers more quickly.  Since my piña colada , in addition to a fully sufficient quantity of rum, contains Durk Pearson's brain nutrition formula, it's got to do better than a couple of brewskis.  Too bad it's so early in the day.  The sun won't be over the yardarm for hours.


From Norkland, comes what is surely the week's most hilarious news.  For days now, every TV news channel has been building up the launch of a long-range missile that the Norks claimed could reach the US.  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called it "deplorable." South Korea and Japan freaked out, with Japan sending its Aegis anti-missile cruiser out to sea to shoot it down.

The launch was to be the capstone in massive celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung's birth (April 15th).  A horde of international journalists was assembled at the launch site this morning (4/13), where, at 7:39am local time they witnessed the Unha-3 rocket take off.  They waited hours and were told nothing.  Finally about noon, they were informed the satellite the missile was carrying had "failed to reach orbit."

The truth was that at 7:41am,less than two minutes after launch, the rocket that had caused a global tizzy broke up into some 20 pieces and fell into the Yellow Sea.  Headlines around the world are blaring this morning North Korea Rocket Launch Fails.

It can be lethal to embarrass and humiliate a god - or someone who believes he should be worshipped as a god.  A 28 year-old kid who's trying to step into his grandfather's and father's megalomaniacal shoes and establish his own godlike personality cult now has the whole world laughing at him.  Kim Jong-Un is going to have his rocket scientists' throats slit - or at least sent off to Camp 14.


Speaking of embarrassment... the world's biggest scandal is currently engulfing Norkland's giant neighbor, China.  There are hundreds of millions of Chinese, inside China and overseas, transfixed by it, with literally thousands of websites and blogs commenting daily - for the story is like a script from a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

The central character is a "Red Prince" - the privileged son of a top Chicom Party leader - named Bo Xilai.  Handsome, smart, charming, educated and worldly, he was one of the brightest stars in the Chicom firmament: Minister of Commerce, Central Committee member, then Party Chief of one of China's principal municipal regions, Chongqing (Chungking) with a seat on the Politburo (the Chicom ruling council).  A Chicom rock star, he was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2010.

Bo's life started to unravel when a British businessman, Neil Heywood, was found dead in his Chongqing hotel room last November 14.  Local party officials announced he died of acute alcohol poisoning - he was a teetotaler - refused to conduct an autopsy and quickly had his body cremated. 

Heywood had a close business relationship with Bo's wife, Gu Kailai - very close.  So close that her cuckolded husband had him rubbed out.  The head of the Chongqing police, Wang Lijun, found out, blackmailed Bo, Bo fired him on February 2, whereupon Wang fled to the US Consulate in the city of Chengdu on February 6, and requested political asylum.  Wang offered the US reams of documents incriminating Bo and several other top Chicom party officials for crimes and corruption.

With 70 carloads of SWAT-armed police surrounding the consulate, Wang was "persuaded" to surrender.  Immediately seized by security agents, he was taken to an undisclosed facility where he is undergoing "vacation-style medical treatment" (the actual words of the Beijing government press release).

By February 9, overseas Chinese websites flooded the internet with Wang's accusation that Bo was "the greatest gangster in China."  On March 14, Premier Wen Jiabao publicly criticized Bo, and the next day removed him as Chongqing party chief.  As rumors of every kind, including coup attempts, exploded in China's blogosphere (China has half a billion internet users), the government made frantic internet censorship attempts, which failed.

This Tuesday (4/10), Bo was removed from the Central Committee and the Politburo for "serious disciplinary violations."  That same day, Bo's wife, Gu Kailai, was arrested and "handed over to the judicial authorities," charged with the murder of Neil Heywood!

Chicom China has never experienced a scandal like this.  Hundreds of millions of Chinese can talk of little else - and best of all, it is exposing all the vicious infighting, dissention, and corruption that is ripping the Chicom power structure apart.  Simply scrumptious.  Here's the Reuters summary of it so far.


OK, enough of global gallivanting.  Let's revel in the no-good, lousy, really bad week Zero and the Dems had.

Their "Racist America" meme took another body blow with the pathetic indictment of George Zimmerman on Wednesday (4/11).  Here's the full text.  It is transparently biased and dishonest, directly contradicting the transcript of the 911 call.  E.g., when the dispatcher asks Zimmerman not to follow Martin, he agrees.  Yet the affidavit claims: 

"When the police dispatcher realized Zimmemnan (sic) was pursuing Martin, he instructed Zimmerman not to do that and that the responding officer would meet him. Zimmerman disregarded the police dispatcher and continued to follow Martin who was trying to return to his home. Zimmerman confronted Martin and a struggle ensued."

It's rife with other distortions.   Further, the charge of Second Degree Murder is absurd.  The media-hound prosecutor, Angela Corey, knew the case was so weak she couldn't get a grand jury indictment, required by Florida law for a First Degree charge.  She could have gone with Manslaughter, but that wouldn't keep the black racists from rioting in protest.

So her only choice was Second Degree.   But that requires - again, by Florida law - a "depraved mind."  Corey must prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that, in shooting Martin who was on top of him slamming his head into concrete, that he is guilty of "evincing a depraved mind showing no regard for human life." 

No wonder Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz yesterday (4/12) condemned Corey's press conference announcing the indictment as "a campaign speech for reelection," and the indictment itself as "irresponsible and unethical."

Indeed.   Just like Zero, the Dem Party, and the lying Dem Media, all so desperate to play the race card as they have no other cards to play.


Well, they thought they had another card, the one accusing heartless, sexist Republicans of conducting a "War on Women."  That's another Dem meme that went down in flames this week. 

The Dems have been pumping the meme everywhere.  The Dem Congressional Campaign Committee has an official online petition against "The Republican War On Women."  The Dem Senatorial Campaign Committee asks you to sign a petition declaring "I demand the Republicans stop their war on women." House Minority Leader Pelosi Galore condemned the Paul Ryan budget in Congress as part of the House Republicans' "war on women."

On Wednesday (4/11), Dem operative Hilary Rosen appeared on CNN.  (Here's the transcript - scroll down to near the bottom.)  When asked by Anderson Cooper to comment on the meme, she says:

"Well, first, can we just get rid of this word ‘war' on women? The Obama campaign does not use it. President Obama does not use it. This is something that the Republicans are accusing people of using, but they're actually the one spreading it."

When another guest, Erick Erickson of RedState, points out the Dems use it all over the place, Rosen shouts, "They don't say that.  No, no, no!"

It was in the midst of this exchange that Rosen uttered the now-infamous words that Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, mother of five children, "has actually never worked a day in her life."

Say goodnight, Hilary.  She's a close advisor to Zero, Mrs. Zero, and David Axelrod, and they all yesterday (4/12) immediately threw her under the bus after a firestorm erupted.   Axelrod called her words "inappropriate and offensive."  Mrs. Zero defended Ann Romney, and Zero said Rosen should "rethink" her statement.  By last night, Rosen had to issue a public apology to Ann Romney and "anyone else who was offended."

Thus yesterday ended with the Rosen-Romney flap, according to CBS News, "A win in every regard to the GOP."


Now, time to select the HFR Hero of The Week.  Here are the contenders.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, for saying America is turning into "a nation of people sitting on the couch waiting for their next government check."

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, for shoving MSNBC's liberal intimidation right up its nose.

Congressman Alan West, for condemning the 78 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus for being so left there's no difference between them and Communists.  When he was angrily accused of being McCarthyite, West said thank you for sharing.

Movie star Jennifer Lawrence, acclaimed as "the most talented young actress in America" by Rolling Stone , when asked if her squirrel-skinning scene in Winter's Bone was faked, replied, "I should say it wasn't real, for PETA. But screw PETA."

Your call.  I know it will be hard not to go for the hot blonde.


All in all, an excellent week.  Before we depart, I have to remind you that Alex Alexiev, Joel Wade, Rebel and I have a simply enchanting experience of opportunities in Bulgaria next month.  Bulgarian Spring is May 6th-13th.  We visit the Black Sea, the Valley of Roses, several World Heritage sites, learn about the extraordinary opportunities that abound there, enjoy wonderful food & wine, and have just too much fun.

Please consider joining us.  Let Joel know at 831-464-3374 or - or Miko at 703-992-4529 or

Well, the sun is finally over that yardarm.  Wow, that piña colada tastes good.  I'll be disclosing my recipe at the Seascape Rendezvous.  See you there - if not in Bulgaria first.

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