Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Obama on Putin's Payroll?

Excerpted from Dr. Jack Wheeler's column of the same name...
April 26, 2012

The answer to our question, is Zero on Putin's payroll?, is:  given his behavior, given his actions as president, it makes no difference whether he is or is not.  He could be a full-blown Manchurian Candidate.  He could be bought and paid for by the KGB.  He could be a brain-damaged black racist moonbat consumed with hatred for America.  He could be a megalomaniacal narcissistic sociopath.

It doesn't matter if he actually is any or all of these.  What matters is that his actions are such that he could be-for those actions are what he would do if he were.  So we need not make accusations for which we do not have solid proof.  It suffices to know that, whatever the cause, whatever his motivation, this man means us and our country mortal harm.  And he has the capacity, as President of the United States, to do so.  His every day in the Oval Office is dedicated to doing so.

What matters is:  Nobama 2012.  Our country's life depends on it.

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