Friday, April 20, 2012

Good News on the Presidential Polling Front

By Dr. Jack Wheeler
Former Reagan Sr. Political Adviser

If you can stand any more good news, try this:  a number of psephologists said yesterday (4/19) that Poll Numbers Point To Disaster for Obama. The key problem, they say, is the huge drop in support from independent voters.

Couple this with a recent poll showing a collapse in support for Zero among young voters.  In 2008, Zero garnered 66% of the under 30 vote. The 2012 Millennial Values Survey shows that he has only 48% support now - and that their sky-high 2008 enthusiasm has evaporated.

America is coming to its senses, folks.  The best news of all is after inflicting this nightmare upon themselves and realizing what they have done, Americans are never going to make the mistake of electing a Marxist-Fascist Commiecrat Anti-American race hustling empty suit con man ever again.  Not in our lifetime, or our children's or grandchildren's.  Count on it.

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