Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Nukes For You!

I find it hilarious that American liberals are hailing the US / Iran nuclear deal as “only fair” to Iran because “they have a right to nuclear energy like every other country” at the same time these same liberals have literally halted ALL nuclear power plant construction in the US (Of the 100 reactors now operating in the U.S., ground was broken on all of them in 1977 or earlier). 

Now back to the nuclear deal. They don’t have to stop enriching on all of their thousands of enrichment sites, or even tell us where all of them are located. They only have to stop enriching at those sites everyone already knows about. (LOL) Yet we've agreed to remove sanctions that will bring billions of dollars into their struggling economy.  

Yep, that should help avoid World War III. 

Liberals are freaking nuts.

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