Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Are We Thinking??

I find it absolutely stunning that hardly anyone can see that Obama is trying to destroy American capitalism and our fundamental freedoms along with it...  

·         He doesn’t want Obamacare to work…he wants two things: he wants it to cripple the economy and he wants single payer as the replacement.

·         He doesn’t want the economy to recover…he wants to transform it to – at best – European Socialism and most likely pure Marxism.

·         He doesn’t care about jobs…he wants people to be dependent on the federal government (Food Stamps, Welfare, Disability and all other programs WAY up).

·         He doesn’t care about the national debt…it’s growth hastens our demise.

·         He doesn’t give a damn about free speech…unless you disagree with him, and then he does whatever necessary to silence you.

·         He couldn’t care less about the middle class…he wants more of our money through increased taxes so he can pull off the Daily Double: destroy the middle class by transferring wealth from it to the poor.

·         He doesn’t believe in compromise…he wants to crush his opposition and have a de facto dictatorship. 

And nobody seems to care… 

We are DONE as a great republic. Finished.

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