Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bill Moyers' Weak Attempt at Explaining His Liberal Bias

Referring to a July 13, 2007, edition of Bill Moyers Journal, discussing the possible impeachment of then President George W. Bush, and featuring guests from opposing ends of the political spectrum, both in favor of impeachment, PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler praised Moyers for his initiative in highlighting different topics, but felt he could have used a more balanced approach. Moyers disagreed, saying:

"The journalist's job is not to achieve some mythical state of equilibrium between two opposing opinions out of some misshapen respect — sometimes, alas, reverence — for the prevailing consensus among the powers-that-be. The journalist's job is to seek out and offer the public the best thinking on an issue, event, or story."

And there you have it...liberal intellectual elitism. i.e. "I'm smarter than you, so you need to listen to me."

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