Monday, March 30, 2009

The Truth About Solar Panels

Just prior to signing the infamous stimulus bill, President Barack Obama made a big deal about the solar panels atop the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. He and his ditzy vice president even did a photo-op atop the roof, gazing admiringly at the solar panels. They talked quixotically about this "exciting new green" energy and its potential for remaking the American economy.
Well, they seem to have ignored a few nagging details. Here's the whole story...
It turns out that the solar panels generate only 2%-12% of the energy needs of the museum, at a cost of $720,000!
So expensive, in fact, that the museum got them at no cost due to tax incentives paid for by - you guessed it - the unwitting customers of the local power company!
But it gets even better. Without any of the tax incentives, the payout on this particular solar system was 110 years, and the life expectancy of the system is 20-25 years! Only the government could be proud of something so ridiculous.
On a final, inspiring note, the company that your president promoted with his photo-op as a harbinger of the future has exactly four employees and exactly one customer: the museum.
And this is the so-called "green" energy that is going to save the American economy?

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