Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama's 2010 Budget is $3.6 Trillion!

Barack Obama's 2010 budget has the following surprises that will touch every single American in profound ways...
  • Raises taxes by a net of $1.35 TRILLION in next decade – big increases in income taxes and the death tax comes back.
  • Adds an estimated $1.7 TRILLION in new debt just this year – the actual budget deficit will be an estimated 12% of our total GDP (gross domestic product).
  • Federal Government spending will account for 27.7% of our total economy. Think about it – the federal government will be spending more than $1 in every $4 spent in the American economy under the Obama budget.
  • Institutes an Energy Tax totaling over $1 trillion. Gasoline will go up by at least 50%. Home energy costs will skyrocket. Food costs and consumer product costs will rise. This Energy Tax is hidden in a scheme called “Cap and Trade.” This “Cap and Trade” scheme will have the government rationing energy and thus driving up the costs of energy to consumers. For more information on this scheme, click here:

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