Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Website

Frustrated that your voice isn't being heard? Click on the link below and find out where a "Tax Day Tea Party" will be held near you...

There are Tax Day Tea Parties scheduled all across America on April 15th.

Be There!


  1. Public Service Message from PREMIER Obama........

    COMRADES!!! GREAT DAY in PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF AMERIKA!!!!! We will soon have the Money the People need to make.....Improvements. Thank you for your Cooperation...We will be back soon. COMMISSAR GEITHNER has opened an account for your Money. SECRETARY PELOSI will now be Registrar of Voters. We Will be in touch. As you know, we always think only of the PEOPLE!!!!!


  2. EVERYONE, GO TO THE TEA PARTIES.......MAKE A SIGN.......BRING LOTS OF FRIENDS....IT WILL BE FUN....YOU'll NEVER FORGET IT!!!!! This WILL work, and THEY know it! I hear that some of you out there are finding some resistance from local Politicians about having an Event in your town.....EXPOSE THEM ON THE INTERNET!!! Was anyone out there at the REVOLT in Fullerton, CA Mar. 7th? I was......WOW! If you live in a small Town, and can't get to one of the Major events...HAVE YOUR OWN! Even if only half a dozen of you show up in a Park somewhere...GREAT! Don't forget to take LOTS OF DIGITAL PHOTOS and get them out on the INTERNET right away! The LA Times IGNORED the Fullerton
    event (15,000 People). But the thing is, We don't NEED the MEDIA anymore, We have the Internet and We can tell our OWN stories now! Hell, if outfits like "Acorn" and "" can do it, SO CAN WE!!!!!!!!!!!..............