Monday, April 20, 2009

$100 Million in Cuts vs. $3.5 Trillion Budget

As predicted, the so-called "substantial" cuts in government spending that President B.O. spoke about last Saturday in a defensive response to the Tax Day Tea Parties, have turned out to be nothing more than a smokescreen: a piddling $100 million against a total annual budget of $3.5 trillion. It is the equivalent of asking a family that spends $60,000 in a year to save $6.

It is so amusing to watch liberals as they make feeble attempts at meaningful budget cuts. What's more, it is truly stunning to witness the way they "talk down" to us, treating us with such cynical disdain and believing that we are nothing more than "the ignorant masses".

Mark my words, the other shoe will drop on the second Tuesday in November, 2010...

Obama calling on Cabinet to cut spending

MyWay News

Apr 20, 2009

WASHINGTON (AP) - A senior administration officials says President Barack Obama is ready to ask federal department and agency chiefs to find $100 million to cut from the budget when he holds his first formal Cabinet meeting.

The official previewed Topic A for Monday's Cabinet meeting on grounds of anonymity because it will be a private session. He said Obama will be reminding Cabinet members that financially-pressed families are looking to the government to spend their money wisely.

The president's first formal Cabinet meeting is being held just days after a series of "Tea Party" demonstrations across the country in which protesters challenged the administration over it's massive spending. A cut of $100 million in a multitrillion-dollar federal budget likely will be criticized by Obama's opponents as inadequate.

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