Sunday, April 19, 2009

Apologies Bear Fuit

But it was bitter fruit. President B.O. found out what happens when you start apologizing about your past. You open America up to intense criticism by people you thought would become your friends, you embarrass your citizens, and you open yourself up to a flood of criticism from around the world. In short, you diminish America's power and standing throughout the world.

Are these nations who are quick to criticize America without fault? Is there not one of these loud-mouth leaders who wouldn't prefer to be the leader of OUR country instead of their pathetic, third-world regime? Good grief! How naive...

Obama Endures Ortega Diatribe
April 18, 2009
By Major Garrett

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago -- President Obama endured a 50-minute diatribe from socialist Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega that lashed out at a century of what he called terroristic U.S. aggression in Central America and included a rambling denunciation of the U.S.-imposed isolation of Cuba's Communist government.

Obama sat mostly unmoved during the speech but at times jotted notes. The speech was part of the opening ceremonies at the fifth Summit of the Americas here.

Later, at a photo opportunity with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Obama held his tongue when asked what he thought about Ortega's speech.

"It was 50 minutes long. That's what I thought."

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