Sunday, April 12, 2009

"How Can We Help President Obama?"

What greater proof do we need than to have one of the world's most prominent communists ask that question?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fidel Castro appeared healthy and asked how Cuba's leadership could best help U.S. President Obama move to normalize relations between the two countries, two U.S. lawmakers said on Tuesday after meeting the 82-year-old former Cuban president in Havana.

"Of course, he has been ill. But I think we will agree that he was very healthy, very energetic, very clear thinking," Representative Barbara Lee, one of three Democrats to meet Castro, told a Washington news conference.

Representative Laura Richardson said Castro appeared eager to see relations change between the two countries.

"He was very well aware of what was going on," Richardson said.

"As he leaned in, he looked directly into our eyes, quite aware of what was happening, and said to us 'how can we help President Obama?'"

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