Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Tax Dollars Paid for This!?

You and I paid for this conspicuous consumption with our tax dollars. I thought we were in a recession? Always remember that liberals believe the rules don't apply to them. Only you and I are sufffering through "the worst economy since the Great Depression"...not Obama & Co. They're having pizza flown in from St. Louis, Missouri just because "He likes it"...

Obama's 850 mile pizza run

The Sun
April 11, 2009

BARACK Obama liked a restaurant’s pizzas so much he has flown the chef 850 miles to make some at the White House.

The President got a taste for Chris Sommers’ pizza while campaigning in St Louis, Missouri, last year.

After Mr. Obama’s election win, Chris offered to deliver frozen pizzas to the White House but was told he couldn’t because of security concerns.

So he took 20lb of dough and three gallons of sauce to Washington.

Chris was due to cook lunch at the White House yesterday, reported He said: “It’s surreal. It’s a huge honour.”

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