Friday, April 17, 2009

They Finally Got One Right

I've been saying for years that it is the employers who are the real problem. It's a simple matter of supply and demand. If there are no jobs, the illegal immigrants will not come...

Napolitano Says ICE Raids to Target Employers
By Rick Pedraza
April 16, 2009

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will continue once again, but will focus on specific targets, including workplace employers “who consistently and intentionally use and exploit the labor market for their own gain.”

Napolitano says there will be no halt to arrests of illegal workers their investigations uncover, but ICE agents will primarily target employers found to be in violation of labor laws, Los Angeles-based La OpiniĆ³n reports.

Earlier this month, Napolitano ordered ICE agents to cease all workplace investigations into illegals while new ICE guidelines for operational protocol were being reviewed by DHS.

At a rally in San Francisco last month, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., condemned ICE raids, touted amnesty and a path for legalization for illegal immigrants, and told the crowd of illegal aliens and advocates for immigration reform that enforcement of existing immigration laws on illegal aliens is "un-American," the Associated Press reports.

Increasing the focus on businesses and executives instead of ordinary workers signals a change in tactics for ICE, a senior department official tells the Washington Post.

"ICE is now scrutinizing these cases more thoroughly to ensure that [targets] are being taken down when they should be taken down, and that the employer is being targeted and the surveillance and the investigation is being done how it should be done," the official tells The Post.
Napolitano's moves foreshadow the difficult political decisions the administration faces in its efforts to combat illegal immigration and legislate immigration reform.

Work-site raids –– a signature of the Bush administration to combat illegal immigration–– have enraged the Latin American population, community leaders, civil liberties and religious groups, and immigrant advocates, which has put pressure on President Barack Obama to stop them.

Napolitano’s plan has DHS agents focusing on prosecuting criminal cases of wrongdoing by companies and enforcement of civil infractions of worker eligibility verification rules.

“There is a supply side and a demand side," a DHS official tells the Los Angeles Times.

"Like other law enforcement philosophies, there is a belief that by focusing more on the demand side, you cut off the supply."

Legislation on immigration reform is expected as early as this fall.


  1. Everyone should be given a right to work legally. All people want to do is work, and suppport their families without havig to watch their back from ICE every freaking second. Please dont be ignorant and put yourself on other people's shoes, and stop being selfish.

  2. How great - people enter our country illegally, lie to their employer about their status, in many cases use counterfeit identification, and our moronic government is going to punish the employer?

    We are now living in backwards / upside down world, with the inmates running the asylum.

  3. Just how do you build a case against employers of illegal aliens without arresting and processing the illegal alien workers themselves? Obama/Pelosi/Napolitano don't want to do this. That's why their new "initiative" is political hogwash. You can't do one without the other. And for cryin' out loud NEVER give the illegal workers work permits after you've discovered their illegal like was done in Washington state recently. Process them and DEPORT them.

  4. If you come to the country illegaly and you decide to have kids, you know that you are taking a chance of being deported. You should not allow activity that isnt legal. If I have a family and I need to sell drugs to support my family, dont arrest me and throw me in jail. I have a family to raise and take care of.

    Breaking the law is breaking the law....
    Dont give me a seatbelt or speeding ticket I have a family to support and I cant afford to pay for these tickets.

    Pray for the coutry