Monday, April 20, 2009

Just One Day of Headlines...

Would you like to see what a presidential administration looks like when it's unraveling? Take a look at a sampling of today's headlines....

Ex-CIA Director: Obama Compromised National Security with Memo Release
("The facts of the case are that the use of these techniques against these terrorists made us safer, it really did," Hayden said.)

Obama Thanks CIA for Protecting America
(After releasing Top Secret documents against the will of the newly appointed CIA Director)

Otto Reich: Obama’s Encounter With Chavez Damaged U.S. Foreign Policy
(While Chavez calls it “The greatest triumph in Venezuelan diplomacy ever.”)

Sec. Clinton Urges Release of U.S. Journalist in Iran
(She was sentenced to 8 years in jail on false obvious slap in the face to Obama who one day earlier expressed concern for her safety.)

Obama Should 'Rethink' Gitmo Closing
(Since he has no clue about where to put the 240 prisoners)

Al-Qaida's Zawahri Slams Obama Plan for Afghanistan
(Even his enemies are right: Afghanistan is Obama's Iraq)

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