Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paul Krugman: Another Know-It-All Liberal

In his recent column about the Tax Day Tea Parties gives one a glimpse into the arrogance and condescension of liberal elites. He even LOOKS like an arrogant liberal elitist. Below are a couple of excerpts from the column, and below them a link to the entire column. He will be proven wrong on election day, 2010....

"One way to get a good sense of the current state of the G.O.P., and also to see how little has really changed, is to look at the “tea parties” that have been held in a number of places already, and will be held across the country on Wednesday. These parties — antitaxation demonstrations that are supposed to evoke the memory of the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution — have been the subject of considerable mockery, and rightly so."

"So what’s the implication of the fact that Republicans are refusing to grow up, the fact that they are still behaving the same way they did when history seemed to be on their side? I’d say that it’s good for Democrats, at least in the short run — but it’s bad for the country."

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