Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Green Hell: Obama's Environmental Plans Will Lead To Energy Chaos

By Jim Meyers

April 14, 2009

Fox News commentator Steve Milloy, founder of the junkscience.com Web site, tells Newsmax that the U.S. is at “the point of no return” as the Obama administration is set to implement environmental policies that will lead to “energy chaos” in this country.

Milloy, author of the new book “Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them,” also said the so-called cap and trade plan to reduce carbon emissions could double the cost of electricity and affect every aspect of American life.

Newsmax TV’s Ashley Martella asked Milloy what inspired him to write “Green Hell.”

“I’ve been spending most of my time over the past 15 years trying to expose the faulty science behind the environmentalist agenda,” Milloy said.

“We are nearing a point of no return with green policies. Barack Obama wants to ram through this cap and trade, which is going to cause havoc in our economy.

“I thought we really need to step this up and let people know what is in store for them if green policies go through — how are green policies going to affect your day-to-day life, your pocketbook, national security, the whole range of issues that confront Americans today. That’s the purpose of the book. To let Americans know what green means to them.”

Martella asked what Milloy believes are the worst aspects of the cap and trade plan.

The most immediate effect, Milloy said, will be “for your electric bill to go up anywhere from 50 percent to 100 percent or more. But perhaps the most insidious part of that bill is that it will solidify control of energy policy and our economy by the greens.

“Greens are these people who say they are all about the environment, but I think that is the furthest thing they are about. They use the environment as a kind of shield behind which they advance their left-wing, socialist, totalitarian agenda.

“You just look at everything these people want to do. It’s all about government control of our lives. Even if there was an environmental problem that I could agree with them on, their solution is always going to be more government control.”

Martella noted that environmentalists favor such steps as banning offshore oil drilling and prohibiting oil shale production.

“What they’re causing is energy chaos, and out of that chaos the only solution is more government control,” Milloy declared.

“They don’t want us to drill for oil. They don’t want us to use natural gas. They don’t want us to refine gasoline. They don’t want us to use nuclear power. They certainly don’t want us using coal.

“People might think that’s because they’re for renewable energy like solar and wind. That’s not true either. Look at all the wind projects that are being stopped by the greens.

“In Georgia there’s a wind project being slowed down because of the alleged concern about the mating habits of whales. Last June the Bureau of Land Management placed a moratorium on solar projects on public lands because they were concerned about the impact on the critters.

“I live in Maryland, a very green state, and my governor has placed a ban on windmills on public lands.

“So although the greens say they are for renewable energy, when you get right down to it they’re really not. They’re not for any energy solution. They’re just for sabotaging our economy, causing chaos, which brings in more government control.”

Martella observed that a “wealthy green elite” stand to profit handsomely from green technologies.

“Absolutely. And the most famous one is Al Gore,” Milloy said.

“Al Gore is a partner in at least two investment partnerships that are heavily invested in green energy technologies like wind and solar, and fuel efficient cars. And if the Obama administration’s cap and tax goes through along with the stimulus package, these guys stand to make billions and billions of dollars.”

Martella asked Milloy to comment on efforts to effectively do away with safe and inexpensive incandescent light bulbs in favor of expensive fluorescent bulbs containing mercury.
“It’s all back to their causing chaos in our economy,” said Milloy.

“For the last 40 years the greens have been telling us to take toxics like mercury out of our house. But now they’re telling us it’s O.K. to bring mercury in our house because these bulbs use less energy and are going to reduce global warming. Of course none of this is true.

“These bulbs cost more. They don’t really work. There was a front-page article recently in the New York Times about how these bulbs are prone to malfunction.

“Worse, if you have the misfortune of dropping one of these in your home, you can’t just sweep it up and throw it away in the household trash. You need to go to [an EPA Web site] and get a 20-step procedure, which includes opening the window, evacuating the room for 15 minutes . . . and throwing the bulb away in a special disposal process. It has to be treated like hazardous waste.

“It’s just a nightmare for people.”

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