Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well Said!

"For many years, the millionaires and billionaires who run America's banks, brokerages, insurers and car companies seduced millions of consumers into piling up unpayable debts and then invested their ill-gotten gains in risky, even insane investments.

Now, these companies are paying the piper — or rather, demanding that Washington force YOU to pay the piper for them.

By borrowing or printing trillions of dollars in a vain attempt to save these failed companies, our leaders in Washington are ensuring that YOU will ultimately repay in higher taxes and interest rates — not just during our lifetimes, but for generations to come.

Day by day, as we watch the financial future of middle-class families plundered to pay for these companies' five-star company junkets and their executives' million-dollar bonuses, a second American Revolution is being born.

This time, though, we will not be asked to take up arms or suffer the bitter cold of a Valley Forge ... or even to leave the comfort of our own homes. Because this war will be fought not with bullets, but with the combined power of millions of voices demanding that Washington STOP this terrible injustice before it bankrupts our country. "

~Martin Weiss

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